The Threat Is Real

People no longer feel safe when gathering to worship.  Protect the Faith’s mission is to safeguard children, protect leadership and reduce everyone’s liability.  Our HOST (Hands-On Sanctuary Tactics) Training curriculum empowers security teams to handle situations from parking lot vandalism to active shooters.  We can help you form a team if none exists, assist in growing an intermediate team or do vulnerability studies and train the ultra-experienced.  Protect the Faith also provides security details for camps, special events, meetings and mission trips in the United States or around the world, having served on 4 continents. 

About Protect The Faith

The relationships between the Shepherd and Sheep is rather clear.  We believe there’s another level that doesn’t get addressed very often: Sheepdog and Wolf.  Just like police detectives train to think like a criminal to solve crimes and the military train to think like the enemy to win wars, we train your security team (Sheepdogs) to think like those who want to do harm (Wolves).  Our operational instructors have over 90 years of high-level military and police special duty operations, tactical and covert experience to help give your team the confidence they need when on duty.

Founded in 2006 out of a call to help an international missionary conference, Protect the Faith has been helping……


Protect the Faith assists churches, synagogues, businesses and camps through an on-site program that provides consultation, development of the security team and training the team for domestic and foreign operations.  We go beyond seminar education and lectures with……