The relationships between the Shepherd and Sheep is rather clear.  We believe there’s another level that doesn’t get addressed very often: Sheepdog and Wolf.  Just like police detectives train to think like a criminal to solve crimes and the military train to think like the enemy to win wars, we train your security team (Sheepdogs) to think like those who want to do harm (Wolves).  Our operational instructors have over 90 years of high-level military and police special duty operations, tactical and covert experience to help give your team the confidence they need when on duty.

Founded in 2006 out of a call to help an international missionary conference, Protect the Faith has been helping churches, synagogues, camps and para-church organizations ever since.  In 2013 we became the first nonprofit security ministry in the country.  We see our role as a ministry partner vs. a simple vendor/client relationship.  Our call – the very heartbeat of what we do every day – is to ‘stand on the wall’ and help keep people safe, just as Nehemiah was called to do while rebuilding the wall around Jerusalem (Nehemiah 4:13-18).

Church leader James D. writes, “Having Protect the Faith train our security team makes Nehemiah 4 become a real part of our church and ministry.  It allows me to focus on rebuilding lives – to do what I’m called to do – while they stand guard and keep an eye out for the enemy.  Should there be an issue, the ‘trumpet can be sounded’ and they’ll be there to handle things.  It isn’t just crime in our sanctuary, either.  They help with medical emergencies, concerns that may pop up in any area of the building, helping our seniors to the parking lot and many other situations.  It’s the ultimate ‘we have your back’ and a wonderful partnership”. 

Whereas it’s vitally important to train for an active shooter scenario, we take it further with our Use of Force Matrix that addresses many additional situations that are statistically proven to be more likely to occur.  We also believe that training is more than a one-and-done event.  After training, you won’t be left alone to figure things out on your own.  We help with continuing education, preparation for mission trips (including sending a security detail with your team), detailed in-depth training as requested, crisis management, and providing a physical security presence at events, conferences, camps, and high-profile meetings.  

It’s more than just training.  It’s a lifestyle.  It’s a relationship.