Threats aren’t just when we come together as a community on a weekly basis.  Protect the Faith comes alongside organizational leadership, camp directors, counselors and staff to help provide security and safety so parents and grandparents can have confidence when their youth are away at camp. 

Whether consulting for security cameras and speakers, vulnerability assessment, training those who work with the campers or physically being on-site for protection, Protect the Faith is fully engaged in this important ministry area that is often overlooked.  Our team is fully vetted with state and federal background checks to help provide another layer of confidence to those we serve.  

Another area we serve as Security Missionaries is in the area of missions and outreach. Our diverse background affords us the opportunity to help with intelligence for your mission trips in the US and abroad, having served on 4 continents.  Not only can we provide insight regarding what you should be aware of, we can send security experts with your team as extra eyes and ears so the team can do the ministry and task at hand.

When missionaries are home on furlough, we train them how to deal with situations they may encounter when on the mission field.

In part, we:

  • Send security details to protect missionaries and their children involved in large-scale events and conferences while they meet, plan, learn and rest
  • Consult with mission offices, sending bases and field bases around the US and world
  • Research and explore dangerous parts of the world before the agency deploys for action
  • Develop critical training scenarios, emergency preparedness guidelines and security protocols for those going on mission, both short and long-term
  • Educate members of the sending and field bases with critical security training to help ensure safety