Protect the Faith assists churches, synagogues, businesses and camps through an on-site program that provides consultation, development of the security team and training the team for domestic and foreign operations.  We go beyond seminar education and lectures, with:

  • HOST (Hands-On Sanctuary Tactics) training and certification
  • Utilized a detailed Use of Force Matrix to combat a variety is situations
  • Administration and operation consulting
  • Child protection policies including fingerprinting and background checks
  • Less-than-lethal defense
  • Close quarter combat and restraint
  • Active shooter and advanced danger training
  • Evacuation planning
  • First aid, CPR and AED certification
  • Crisis management
  • Planning, oversight and protection for mission trips (foreign and domestic)

Our process is unique in that we engage the lay security team with hands-on training, implementing our 6-level Use of Force continuum that combines theory and practicality.  Although there may be a need for physical interaction, we believe it should be accomplished in a godly manner. 

Protect the Faith’s leadership team has over 90 years of distinguished service in military special forces, covert operations, police special ops, SWAT team, police undercover work and private security situations.